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"An amazing singing teacher! Friendly and with a lot of experience, full of positive energy and overall just an amazing person. I can honestly say I feel honored to be her student!"

"Emma is helping me so much in developing my vocal technique and improving my breath control. She's a warm and encouraging teacher and her lessons are some of the highlights of my week." 

"Emma is bright, friendly, encouraging and patient. She genuinely seems to enjoy teaching, she listens to what the individual wants and responds to it. Thanks Emma!"


"Emma demonstrated her enthusiasm for singing and her own flawless technique throughout the lesson and I found her approach very supportive and encouraging. I really enjoyed the lesson and feel that I have found the right tutor to help me achieve the improvement I am seeking."

"I've been having an amazing experience with Emma. She's got a lovely manner, and is a highly experienced excellent singer-full of tips, wisdom, encouragement and general good vibes. Has completely changed how I think about singing for the better. Highly recommended."

"Emma is a delightful teacher and such a talented artist - she has already helped improve my confidence in my singing style, and I have even sung in public under her excellent tutoring!"


"Very encouraging. Lovely manner. Exactly what I need to improve confidence."

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